Why Top 3%​

Our primary mission is to find the best growth marketers in the world for you so; you do not have to do it yourself. We meticulously scan each of our applicants and, less than %3 of them are accepted each month.

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Hacktika's Screening Process

A screening procedure must be implemented for each candidate in the Hacktika Network to test the knowledge, integrity and communication of subject matter. It takes 2 to 5 weeks to complete the entire screening process.


Culture & Language

A thorough English language and communication interview assessment is the first step in the screening process. We also look for personality characteristics, searching for people who are enthusiastic about their job and completely interested in it.
Only 30% can pass

Skills & Background check

We also use a variety of tests to measure each applicant’s technical skills and problem-solving abilities. Any member of the Hacktika network is a subject matter specialist in their field, and we usually only advance candidates who have excelled in this process.
Only 20% can pass

Live Screening

Add heading, details, pictures or video urlHacktika screeners who are specialists in their practical domain interview each prospect. Our screeners conduct live simulations to assess problem-solving capacity, experience depth, leadership skills, and imagination.
Only 10% can pass

Proven Success Story

Our applicants should give us an access view to the campaigns that they ran in past and we will check all the results and process to confirm their expertise.
Only 5% can pass

Continued Excellence

When it comes to dealing for customers, members of the hacktika network have a proven track record. We concentrate on the best for talent and the top for clients as a quality-first business, and this philosophy pervades every interaction and project delivered.
Only Top 3% Left

Only The TOP 3% Can Pass all the Funnel

Hacktika is a one-of-a-kind digital network of growth marketers. The Hacktika network is home to a diverse group of individuals, including  experts, creators, inventors, scholars, opinion leaders, mentors, and others. Top businesses entrust their most important projects to us because we are problem solvers and respect honesty.


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