Why Should You Work as a Digital Marketer Freelancer?

After the pandemic, there has been a sudden digital shift in the world. Many people had to lose their jobs which is quite unfortunate.

And for those who were about to start their careers, the competition in the market has elevated to sky-high limits. So, if you are one of those people and dreaming of a job with a good monthly salary, stay tuned.

Because in this article, we will talk about freelancing, the future of freelancing, and freelancing in digital marketing.



The people who hate their 9 to 5 jobs want to get rid of their all-time angry boss, or maybe those who want to try something new without risking their current jobs. So, let’s discuss who is a freelancer and what does he do.

Who is a Freelancer?

A freelancer is a person who works for different clients using his skills with no expectation of working with any one of them for his whole life.

He/she is his own boss and decides his working hours and holidays by himself.

Freelancing is a big umbrella with various jobs under it like digital marketing, growth marketing, content writing, graphic designing, web development, and any other skill that can get sold on the internet.

Why Should You Be A Freelancer?

According to a survey, the total workforce in the world is around 3.5 billion, and out of that, freelancers carry a share of at least 1.1 billion. There are so many benefits of working as a freelancer, and here we are listing only a few.

Digital Marketing Freelancer

A digital marketing freelancer is a person who helps companies and his client and achieves their digital marketing goals of products and services.

And for that, a digital marketing freelancer needs to have Search Engine Optimisation, Search engine marketing, Conversion Rate Optimization, etc skills and other expertise like content and copywriting on social media and the web.

He also needs to be a professional when it comes to ad creation and visitors’ engagement.

The main goal of a digital marketing freelancer is to grab the maximum audience to his client’s web presence and convert them into paying leads.

But that also adds a very big responsibility on the shoulders of a digital marketing freelancer because the algorithm of search engines keeps updating.

So, a digital marketing freelancer has to develop new SEO strategies and marketing techniques on digital platforms to sell the products and services of respective clients.

How many People Use Digital Marketing Freelancing Services?

According to stats, there has been a sharp increase in the digital marketing freelancing workforce in almost 50% of global organizations during the pandemic.

And now post-pandemic marketing freelancers make up for at least 35% of the global freelancers. There has been a sudden shift and people are preferring working remotely.


Digital Marketing Freelancing is also becoming huge because it increases the GDP of a country. One example is the $1.21 trillion contributions to the United States’ economy by the country’s freelancers in 2020.

Apart from that, the fastest growing freelancing skill is also digital marketing because people are now understanding its potential.

There are so many reports that got published in the past couple of years that explain how companies are turning towards digital marketing freelancers to fill the skill gaps.

The growing freelancing talents in countries have made people believe that freelancing is only going to rise in the coming years.

Even if we keep the capabilities of growth marketing freelancers or digital marketing freelancers aside, the digital transformation is forcing companies to evolve.

The Internet has the power to blow up the business and social media marketing and content marketing play a 75% part in that. The hub of freelancing in the world is Asia with countries like India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh on the top charts of growth.

Platforms to Work as a Digital Marketing Freelancer

You won’t follow the conventional way to get a digital marketing freelancing job; instead, you’ll have to make accounts on freelancing platforms.

Examples of such platforms are Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, and several other platforms but there are also platforms like Hacktika which is a premium freelancing platform that focuses only on digital marketing.

One thing to know is that if you don’t know how digital marketing works, you won’t sell your skills on any of these platforms.

As a digital marketing freelancer, you must know strategies to target the right audience for the industry you’re promoting.

Because there are tons of industries creating billions of products, so you will have to find your interest in promoting small startups or business giants. The marketing needs for both will then vary accordingly.

Growth Marketer Freelancer

Growth marketing freelancing a little more complex than digital marketing and pays off extremely well.

A growth marketer freelancer comes up with strategies and ideas to improve the marketing target by identifying all the challenges and solutions. The main motive behind growth marketing is to increase a company’s profit by growing its customer base.




If you want to work as a growth marketing freelancer, you will have to keep aside the cliched or traditional marketing strategies completely.
The reason is that you are targeting the web audience, and you have to be systematically smart for that. Also, in traditional marketing, companies used to create a product and then used to market it.

As a growth marketing freelancer, you will have to suggest companies alter or manufacture their products in a way that captures customer attention.

Many companies are ready to invest in growth marketing, so as a growth marketer, you will have several opportunities to earn. But for that, you will have to have the creative and logical thinking potential to build trust between you and your clients.

Future of Digital and Growth Marketing Freelancing

The future of digital and growth marketing freelancing is bright.

You might have noticed the rise in online shopping in the past decade. And now, even the education and work are shifted to digital platforms.

So, all the companies want to generate maximum profit by stepping up their marketing game.

There are all sorts of apps, websites, and shopping outlets that need the right marketer, and if you are offering them the skills they need, both of you will benefit from that.

Final Words

We will finish our article about being a digital and growth marketing freelancer here, and we hope it will help you. We keep posting amazing content so keep visiting our website.

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