Future of Digital Marketing is in Freelancers Hands

Future of freelancer

Future of Digital Marketing is in Freelancers’ Hands Freelancers are excelling in Digital marketing as almost every business is turning their attention from full-time employment to choosing freelancers for performing the duties of planning and executing digital marketing campaigns for their brands. This is not true only for digital marketing, instead, freelancing has influenced almost […]

Why Should You Work as a Digital Marketer Freelancer?

Why Should You Work as a Digital Marketer Freelancer? After the pandemic, there has been a sudden digital shift in the world. Many people had to lose their jobs which is quite unfortunate. And for those who were about to start their careers, the competition in the market has elevated to sky-high limits. So, if […]

Benefits of Work with Vetted Freelancers


Freelancers and Benefits of Outsourcing! Freelancers work and outsourcing after the Covid-19 outbreak became more and more popular. Hacktika wants to dig a little deeper into the advantages of outsourcing and how to communicate better with freelancers and trust them. To make your business successful it is essential to always focus on the core functionality […]