How to Manage our Growth Marketing team during remote work in the pandemic?

After the Covid-19 outbreak, one of the main struggles that companies faced and are still facing is managing marketing or growth marketing team remote work as if they are working in an office like before.

We believe that while this subject may be concerning or even frightening at times if we know how to manage it, we may even have a much better performance in our teams than before the pandemic.

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In this article, we will look at the difficulties we faced following the pandemic and how to take advantage of the situation so that we may even want to continue our remote work, but this time by choice!

1- The Force to fight sudden changes:

According to Newton’s second law, we must be uncomfortable with anything that occurs out of force. After the pandemic, we had to work remotely.

We didn’t know how to manage those long meetings with a board covered with brainstorm thoughts, or how to go to our colleague’s desk in the middle of the day to discuss our upcoming marketing campaign.

But Let’s be rational and face it, in companies with more than 100 employees people were already working remotely, without knowing it.

If you and your colleague worked on different floors of your company or in different departments, you would have probably texted him/her on Slack instead of going upstairs for a quick chat.

So we knew how to work remotely, at least kind of. Right now, there are so many platforms that can help you solve this problem like it never existed.

For example, in our company, we use Discord. There are several rooms there and we can hold our meetings easily. From stand-up meetings to very long strategy meetings.

2- distributed team management:

Another major problem we faced during the pandemic, was distributed team management. Now that we are remote, everyone can be in different cities or countries.

So one of the important subjects we should start to learn is the art of remote project management. Let’s imagine that you are a growth marketing team about to launch a multi-dimensional campaign.

You should have hours of meetings with your team to define your goals and strategy. Then you should define some KPIs.

Next, some people should start designs others should work on keywords, articles, social media posts, Email Marketing contents, Influencer marketing, paid advertising campaign management, A/B tests, monitoring the results, optimization and so much more.

Do you know what is the missing ingredient that can cause failure especially in remote times? Remote project management.
How do you solve this? Some platforms can help you do this.

For example Hacktika. In Hacktika people can define their growth marketing goals and budget and they will be matched with premium fully vetted growth marketers who can help them reach their goals.

They can create a freelance growth marketing team. one person for SEO, one for SEM, and so on. After that, you will have access to a dashboard that acts as your project manager.

you can see every KPI, you can follow all the tasks that your remote growth marketing team is doing and, you can track when the task will be done and how it affects the KPIs.

When you are working from home, one of the most vital things that build trust is real-time communication which is now possible thanks to the platforms that I mentioned earlier.

3- Unclear expectations:

This topic is an impactful one even when we are not working remotely. But it will become much more critical when we are working remotely.

It is important to set measurable goals for our team. other than that, measuring performance will be a hard job to do.

To do this, you should first define your current state. Where do you stand on various issues? What is your financial situation?

What is your market and industry position?



The second step is defining your goal. What is your 1-year, 6-month, 3-months, 1-month goal?

The third step is defining your strategy, what is your plan to meet your goals?

Then assign different tasks of your plan to different people. In the end, you should be able to define when the campaign is done and when you are done, not anyone else.

What you should keep in mind is that all of the aforementioned points are only possible and applicable if you have the right people on your team.

The team you can trust their work. The team that cares about the project and its outcome as much as you do. The team who are comfortable with you and with each other and they can work on their own.

The team that does not need your constant care.
But what if you do not have access to such a team? Use existing platforms! Nowadays freelance platforms are not tools that you may or may not find someone who can do the task without guaranteeing any quality.

There are so many freelance platforms that care about your job as much as you do.

For example, Toptal can help you find developers and product managers with really high quality.

In the marketing segment, you can always rely on Hacktika. These platforms aim to be your remote team.

They help you define and adjust your goals, build up a team, monitor their performance, and project management.

They only work with fully vetted experts to make sure you are getting what you deserve.

They will constantly communicate with you, warn you about things you may not even notice.

They are a place for you to have a team you trust.

In Hacktika you can set different growth marketing KPIs for different marketing tasks you request and you can make sure that they deliver.

Finally, while Covid may have initiated the remote working culture, many of us will continue to do so of our own volition, even after the pandemic. Because remote working is the new normal whether we accept it or not.

It is highly recommended to remain open and optimistic about it, accepting challenges and attempting to solve them with appropriate tools.

In the end, we can see that positive points outweigh the negative ones. Remember, if you want to work with remote freelancers, always work with vetted ones.

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