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Just focus on improving yourself. we will help you work with the best companies in the world.

Growth Marketer

Why you should trust us

Great Customer Realtionship

We will bring customers to you with a complete business brief. You only need to focus on how to make them succeed. You have access to a fully automated dashboard to share what you are doing with your client in real-time.

On time Payment

On-time payment makes you happy, so it makes us happy and, we plan to keep you happy 🙂

balance your workload

We made the process of finding clients simpler for you. Our AI engine will match you with the clients who need your expertise. It also considers your workload and budget limitations.

Access to International market

Don't be afraid to expand your clients internationally. in Hacktika, we match you with clients from all over the world to broaden your horizon.

Become the leader of market

We publish our growth marketer leader board by the end of each month so our clients would know them. Next time, our #1 can easily be you.

establish your career

New in the market? Build a track record here and get introduced to the best companies around the world. We care about your CV.

How to become a freelancer in Hacktika?

Create your profile with just a few clicks

Tell us more about yourself

We, as well as your potential customers, want to learn more about you. Tell us a little bit about yourself and your personal interests.

Add Your Skills

Let us know your priceless skillset. Tell us about your personality, your previous success stories and, How can you make your client succeed?

Get vetted

We dig deeper into your expertise, previous experience. You will be requested to give view access to your campaigns in different accounts. You may also need to provide some references. This process impacts directly on your customer’s trust in you.

Start Helping Businesses


We will match you with the clients. You can choose who you want to work with, create proposals and start working! Share your actions with your clients in Hacktika’s automated dashboard so you and your client can both enjoy full transparency.

Join the fastest growing Growth Marketing community​

Hacktika introduced me to some fast-growing companies and working with them was really exciting. Hacktika team cares about me being up to date all the time and this is a valuable point to me.



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