Future of Digital Marketing is in Freelancers’ Hands

Freelancers are excelling in Digital marketing as almost every business is turning their attention from full-time employment to choosing freelancers for performing the duties of planning and executing digital marketing campaigns for their brands.

This is not true only for digital marketing, instead, freelancing has influenced almost every industry. But in this article, our focus will remain on digital marketing freelancing.

Digital marketing

Digital marketing freelancing is a new field that has been introduced recently with great opportunities both for the people selling online skills as well as for the businesses who want skilled workers.

There are trusted online marketplaces such as Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, PPH, Hacktika, and many more that are shaping the future of freelancing. The traditional concept of going to offices at a particular location has been changed a lot now.

The rise in the Use of the Internet

For the past decade, the use of the internet is increasing at an extraordinary pace. Almost every business industry is focusing to become more visible online.

People nowadays search about the products on the internet and make online purchases. This trend is increasing because of easy access to several products with only a few clicks, moreover, people want to save their time and energy.

The internet has made the use of digital marketing compulsory, so businesses spend a huge amount to attract buyers by using digital marketing campaigns.

Digital Transformation and the Need of Freelance Digital Marketing

Businesses find it difficult to hire a permanent team for managing digital marketing projects.

This might be due to lack of space in offices, the expenses of the employee and not finding the right kind of skills at the right time. Digital transformation is forcing businesses to consider digital marketing freelancing.

One of the biggest reasons that freelance digital marketing is growing is that people all over the world sitting in the comfort of the sofa can perform relevant task and deliver services online.

This is all the blessing of the digital revolution. At this point, freelancers become the focus of attention for all businesses.

Skills such as inbound digital marketing, social media marketing, and demand generation are some of the top digital marketing skills that freelancers are selling online.

Businesses Are Embracing Freelancers

Businesses hire freelancers to fill the staffing shortages as well as meet the project needs.

The fastest and accurate services provided by freelancers online have made it possible for them to succeed and lead the future of freelancing.

Freelancers are preferably hired when there is a workload and less time for project completion by marketing managers.

According to the available data, 58 percent of the marketing managers in different businesses are using freelancers for managing day-to-day marketing activities.

Why in Future companies will continue to Hire Freelancers for Digital Marketing?

Freelance digital marketing is being appreciated by the business community due to the benefits it has. Below are given some of the important points that show why and how the future of digital marketing is in freelancer’s hands?

business future


Digital Marketing Freelancing is good for the employer and the employee.

The top freelancing websites allow freelancer to set their rates on their own based on the level of the project or the time required to complete the project.

The business that has already signed up a buyer account can post a job and hire their desired employee based on the skills, experience, and budget.

Hiring an employee for the whole year might not be useful for a small business as the digital marketing projects require services for few days or few hours per day.

A full-time employee may not be budget-friendly. To overcome this stress businesses hire freelancers based on working hours or project size and pay only for a limited period.

Imagine you have two options either an employee is working few days a month but you have to pay for 30 days or you hire a freelancer and you pay only for what is delivered based on the working hours, which is the better option for you? Of course, you will choose a freelancer.

2.Diverse Community of Freelancers

There is full diversity as people from all around the world are connected at one single platform.

Freelancing has allowed businesses to choose and contact the specified person with expertise for their project.

Digital marketing projects vary a lot, so employers can find different people for different projects based on their previous expertise.

This is how the diversity of freelancers has made it a preferable choice among businesses.

3.Unique Digital Marketing Ideas

The digital marketing agency has been a primary solution to help businesses in the past but talented freelancers are seen as more intelligent and have plenty of ideas to boost your business in the present era.

They have new and updated ideas for getting the work done. Moreover, you can change your team or add members to make your work more appropriate at any time.

Freelancers have a broader perspective, also they have diverse experience because they have worked with multiple companies and clients in their freelancing career.

They have brilliant mindsets that can give you huge benefits.

4.Not Bound To Location

Freelancing is a field that is irrelevant to location. The team member for digital marketing may belong to different regions or countries as long as they have the required skill.

Being in the office and sitting together in one place is no more required for getting the work done. But being connected is important, and this has become convenient because of technology.

How you Can Become a Freelance Digital Marketer

There is no need to apply for a job and be bound to it. Freelancing allows you to showcase your talent online by creating an expressive profile and portfolio that includes in detail the diverse digital marketing services you can provide to the businesses or your customers. Hacktika is one of the growing digital freelancing platforms.

There are no strict requirements for a degree and education, being skillful is the most important thing.

The freelancer can set their schedule and working hours to deliver the assigned projects, he/she is independent to take their desired projects only.

Future of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing freelancing is important for a bright future for businesses.

The upcoming trends are shifting towards digital marketing and the one who is not taking part in this race will be left far behind. The digital marketing allows us to track customer journey more precisely which result in more targeted marketing campaigns.

According to stats presented by Smart Insights, Digital Marketers were the most hired individuals by companies in the year 2015.

People trust businesses that have a good online reputation. Amazon is the best example to quote here, it is the leading online shopping website, that has reached different countries with full potential and made customers all around the world.

This success is the fruit of the successful digital marketing campaigns that the business has grown at such a massive rate and present thousands of people make online purchases.


The future of freelancing is shiny. Because demand is increasing, freelancers are improving their working standards and freelance marketplaces are also becoming more powerful.

The rules and regulations are being stricter so that quality services can be offered for the businesses. Trust is shifting from full-time employees to part-time freelancers. This is good for digital marketing freelancing workers.

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