Freelance Fashion Marketing? The new normal for fashion companies and start-ups

What is Fashion Marketing nowadays? How to stand out among all these magnificent fashion brands? How does freelance fashion marketing can help you win?

If you are a new fashion brand, fashion start-up, or even a medium-sized company that wants to expand its business all over the world, this article will help you, so continue reading.

What is fashion marketing?

It is the process of planning to promote your fashion product or service at the right time and right place. At least it is the definition that you can find anywhere.

But what is our definition? Well, We should some other parameters to the sentences above.

social media marketing

So NEW Fashion marketing is, planning to promote your fashion products or services at the most suitable cost, by impactful people, in a way that it will stand out among this fierce competition and of course in the right time and place.

Who should I work with?

We are writing this from the fashion heart of the world, Paris. So, when it comes to fashion marketing, trust us when we say that you should only work with people who understand the fashion industry, not just any marketer or growth marketer, or even the best marketers in other industries.

Only fashion marketing experts. We should clarify that when we say “fashion marketing expert,” we don’t mean the high-priced people who organize the Channel catwalk. So who do we mean? Read the rest of the article 🙂

Numerous fashion marketing experts work as in-demand freelancers, strategically planning everything for top brands.

They are not easily accessible because they only work directly with brands or with platforms they trust. But they are passionate experts who can drive millions of impressions into your posts and social media accounts and convert them to customers.

If you read this article you can have a better understanding of what we mean by vetted freelancers and why should only work with them.


When we talk about vetted freelancers, we mean industry game-changers who may not have the time to work with as many brands or do not want to be hired as full-time employees but have committed to working with specific platforms.

When you work with these experts you can rest assured that they know what they are doing. The growth of your business is bound to their reputation so they do anything to help you.

They are fully aware of all industry trends and understand how to capitalize on this information. Vetted experts do not accept 100 projects that worth 10$ simultaneously, They only accept few projects that they know they can deliver.

What platforms should I trust?

Some platforms, such as Toptal or Hacktika, only work with vetted freelancers. But in terms of fashion marketing freelancers, Hacktika works with many fashion marketers based in Paris and NYC.

The strategists of brands like Lancome, Armani, Biotherm, Carita, Jouer Cosmetics, Dior, and many more brands.

These fashion marketing freelancers will cover all of the customers’ needs from writing a solid strategy for launch or expansion, content analysis, content mix, social calendar, IG boost, email marketing, and affiliate marketing campaigns to photography, creating content, captions, and even your Instagram bio.

So you may not be L’oreal luxury brand Lancome, but they treat you and strategize you to be the next big thing.

One of the most noticeable characteristics of these highly vetted freelancers is their ability to take you to places you never thought possible.

They have a large network and a high reputation among fashion influencers, sellers, and affiliate platforms and they will put that reputation into your brand.

So, what’s next?

You may believe you must pay a fortune to gain access to freelance marketers.

You might also think that if you could afford that amount, you would have approached those marketers yourself or done what they would do to grow your brand. Well, This is precisely where you are mistaken.

When such a fantastic marketer begins to work with a premium freelance platform, they will devote their available time to that platform, and the cost of that freelancer divides among several(not so many tho) clients rather than just one.

Furthermore, because they bring the freelancers so many clients over time, premium freelancer platforms have some negotiating power. Yes, it will not be cheap, but it will not be prohibitively expensive.

Most of the young entrepreneurs are scared to walk into the fashion industry because they think it is difficult to position themselves among the existing competition or that they need to spend a lot of money to do so.

We’re not saying it’ll be easy. All we’re saying is that young startups should be cautious when it comes to spending money, even if they’ve recently received funding.

Do not spend your money on items whose quality you are unsure of. Even if it is only ten dollars. Working with ten freelancers for $20 each is often far more expensive than working with one person for $2500 who knows how to deliver.

It is not always about how much money you spend. It is not always the less money the better.

Consider how much time it will take you to persuade all ten people and explain what you want. Unfortunately, most of the time they are unable to deliver even half of what is expected.

When starting/running a business, you should be obsessive about finding the right balance of time-quality-cost, and when working in the fashion industry, you should be even more so.

Every Instagram post, caption, and hashtag counts. Every piece of copy on your website should reflect the caliber of your work. We believe that this is only possible if you work with people who have a voice in this industry.

So, what are you holding out for? Be astute. Begin by utilizing platforms that can assist you in this endeavor.

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