Freelancers and Benefits of Outsourcing!

Freelancers work and outsourcing after the Covid-19 outbreak became more and more popular. Hacktika wants to dig a little deeper into the advantages of outsourcing and how to communicate better with freelancers and trust them.

To make your business successful it is essential to always focus on the core functionality of your business, although it happens frequently that you have to manage your time, energy, and budget to make sure important but less related to core-business tasks are also being done.


That’s when you should outsource to keep your mind focused on what is more important and leave the rest to the freelancing platforms.

Let’s start with advantages first.

1- Cost advantages: Let’s be honest with each other. When we want to decide how to do a job, its cost plays an important role in our process of decision making.

The truth is, It should be important to us. All of us want to find a balance between the quality of the job done with its expenses. Especially, when we are talking about startups or small business owners.

The thing is, in case we can make sure of the quality, giving the responsibility of a job to a freelancer has a lower cost.

Considering the cap between salaries in western countries and the middle east and Asia, successful entrepreneurs always recommend startups to outsource their jobs to talented people from those regions.

Cost advantage

Doing this helps you reduce your company expenses and helps talented people from other countries gain more experience working with western companies.

Another primary factor that you should notice is the termination cost.

When you work with a freelancer, in case you want to terminate your cooperation, you do not have to pay any termination cost while this is not what happens when you sign an employment contract with your employee.

Although you have to make sure that low cost does not mean low quality, cost-wise working with a freelancer sounds like a sound decision.

In the following sections, We will explain to you how to make sure of your freelancer’s quality and take care of your time and money.

2- Time Advantages: Nowadays, with the severe competition in every market, it is crucial to make impactful moves for your product and make it on time.

Vis Giphy

We should not close our eyes to the fact that finding an employee who is eligible to get the job done for us is one of the most difficult tasks to do(at least it was for me!).

When we work with a freelancing platform, we can make sure that there are already experience people there who are ready to help us. You would be faster to find the talent, faster to onboard them, and faster task completion.

The avg time you have to spend to find your freelancer is 3 to 4 times less than the avg time you have to spend to hire someone.

3- Quality Guarantee: Nowadays some platforms guarantee everything from the quality of freelancers’ knowledge to the quality of the job done and its delivery time.

for example, in, all growth marketers should go through a rigorous vetting process.

This process starts with the language proficiency and personality check and continues with meticulous background and experience checks and interviews.

Caring about customers’ success is the most important thing to these platforms because customer success in this case is equivalent to their own success.

They do reference calls, checking previous works one by one, interviews and basically, these platforms are responsible for noticing subjects about the freelancers that you may miss and this approach significantly reduces the failure rate.

In case of any problems, some of these platforms(Like Hacktika) provide unbiased assist and in case of project failure( a very low rate), they have a cash-back guarantee.

So they do the job for you, skilled talented people are waiting for you to start your project with them!

4- Transparency: Freelancing platforms like Hacktika, give access to KPI-tracking and task management dashboards to provide complete transparency to their customers.

Freelancers should create a backlog of tasks they should do for this project and update the board whenever a task status changes from “backlog” to “to do”, “Doing” or “done”.

Via Giphy

They should also enter the current value of each KPI so that the clients are aware of everything that is being done by the freelancers.


This feature is doubly helpful for marketing freelancing platforms. Because it makes the client understand the change in each KPI after a task(a campaign for example) goes to the “Done” column and they can track if each task is helpful to the KPIs or not and they can change the non-helpful tasks(the Growth hack approach).

Now let’s talk about the time-zone benefit. If you have found freelancers with great experience and a proven track record, but they are in a different timezone than you are, what should you do?

Well, you have to enjoy the fact that you can define the required jobs for your freelancer at the end of your working day, get a sweet sleep, and see the executed tasks when you wake up in the morning!

To sum up, if you want to decide if outsourcing good for you, ask yourself these questions:

1- Is this project is going on according to my financial projections?

2- How much is this task/job related to the core functionality of my company or my team?

3- according to my budget, are the people in my team are the best ones who can do this task? or can I find more experienced people with the same budget?

4- What happens if my team cannot make it?

We strongly believe by answering these questions you can find out if you need to outsource or not.

Happy outsourcing 🙂

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