Unique Experience of Working with World's Marketing Superstars

Top talents from the world’s best companies will execute all of your marketing activities, define your strategies, optimize your processes, and even lead your marketing team.


Why you need Hacktika?

With Hacktika you can form a team of top talent marketers to plan and execute all your marketing activities.

Match with Vetted Top Talent Marketers

Clear Marketing Strategy

Campaign execution & Management


Transparency & Monitoring

Increase sales

How to Start?

define the company's objective

in few and clear steps tell us what you need from our top marketers and leave the rest to us.

Become perfectly matched with Top marketers

You don’t need to look for experts. Hacktika’s AI-powered algorithm connects you with vetted top Marketers in the world.

Receive proposals and Start growing

Your top marketer will generate KPI based transparent proposals.

How does Hacktika identify my business needs?

After your registration to Hacktika and filling out your business brief, our AI Engine studies your market, industry, target audience, and business model then suggests you a custom-made strategy to reach your goals.

Business Growth Brief
Growth Marketer list

How do I find the right expert?​

Our AI algorithms will cross-check your business requirements with our vetted community and match you with multiple top marketers in every field that you need. Then you will be able to choose “the one” that is best for you.

How do I know they can make it?

We hold ourselves accountable for your success. we have a very rigorous interviewing funnel that only %3 of our applicants can pass. We meticulously check their communication skills, personality, background, success stories, and experience. We also monitor their excellence and progress every two weeks to make sure they are always on top of their games. 

Growth Marketer
Growth strategy

How to make sure of my strategy?

We are guardians of your success. That is why you have a dedicated account manager that advocates for you in any situation and makes sure your strategy is transparent and your KPIs are measurable.
Every time you have doubts or questions about your strategy, you can call your account manager or schedule a meeting

How can I be sure of my results?

Your dedicated account manager is responsible for checking you are always on track. But the supervision is not limited to that. You have access to a fully automated dashboard to monitor your latest KPI status and check your growth marketers plan, task by task, to have complete control of what happens when.
Measuring and Monitoring

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